Navigating TradingView Without a Broker

Many traders inquire if TradingView operates as a broker. The answer is no, it functions independently. Moreover, utilizing TradingView doesn’t mandate having a broker. This platform enables users to analyze charts and directly execute trades, thanks to its integration capability with various trading platforms. TradingView offers access to a broad spectrum of assets like stocks, FX, ETFs, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. However, it’s important to understand that your ability to trade specific markets is contingent upon the offerings of your TradingView-supported broker. Hence, selecting a broker that caters to the asset you’re interested in trading is crucial.


Top Forex Brokers Compatible with TradingView

Several forex brokers are compatible with TradingView, a leading forex trading platform. The top tradingview brokers list includes:

  • Saxo Bank – Renowned for its outstanding online trading platform.
  • Intercontinental Exchange – A highly reputable multi-asset platform for professional traders.
  • TechBerry is a leading automated trading platform that operates on Forex statistics being collected online from more than 100 000 of experienced traders.
  • Pepperstone – Known for its tight spreads, MetaTrader integration, and copy trading features, making it an overall best TradingView broker.
  • OANDA – Distinguished by its high leverage and low fees.
  • – A seasoned TradingView forex broker, offering superior systems and resources.
  • City Index – Offers an excellent overall package with competitive spreads and a variety of markets.
  • Bitstamp – Esteemed as the most reliable tradingview interactive broker for cryptocurrency trading, and it’s free to use.

Backtesting Forex Strategies on TradingView

TradingView supports two modes of backtesting, simplifying the process of developing new trading strategies and algorithmic solutions. Traders can utilize these features to backtest their Forex strategies on paper before engaging with TradingView interactive brokers for actual, risk-bearing trading. To initiate a trading simulation, traders select a starting point and hit “Play.” However, the default values for buy and sell buttons, set at 1.0, cannot be altered, except in Forex where the order volume is fixed at 1,000 units. If at least one position is opened and closed during the simulation, the trading results will be displayed in a subsequent pop-up window.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a broker compatible with TradingView?

A broker compatible with TradingView allows traders to link their brokerage accounts directly to the TradingView platform, enabling them to trade directly within TradingView's comprehensive charting and analysis interface. Key features include real-time data streaming, advanced charting tools and the ability to execute trades directly from charts.

How do i connect my broker account to TradingView?

To connect your broker account to TradingView, you typically need to navigate to the Trading Panel section on TradingView, select your broker from the list of available options and follow the instructions to authorize and establish the connection. This process may vary slightly depending on the broker.

Can i use TradingView with any broker?

Not all brokers are directly compatible with TradingView. Only brokers who have established integration with TradingView can be connected. It's important to check both the TradingView website and your broker's platform for the most up-to-date list of supported brokers.

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